6 ways to reduce your AC’s electricity bill

6 ways to reduce your AC’s electricity bill

Air conditioners have become the necessity these days. As everyone is using an air conditioner in their home, they need to save their electricity bills and try to use the Air conditioners in the most effective way. As we all are addicted to gadgets and this modern technology has taken many folds, people need things instantly and more efficiently.

Air Conditioners can be used in a more effective manner by following some of the basic steps:

1. Setting up the default temperature to 24° C

Earlier, in the air conditioners, the default temperature was 18 °C. As the guidelines have changed and global warming is increasing the government has issued the guidelines for setting the default temperature to 24° C. After the issued guidelines, all the new AC have the default temperature at 24°C.

2. Keeping the temperature at 24° C:

It is always better to run the air conditioner at the default temperature. Operating the Air Conditioners at their default temperature helps to save electricity and the environment from the UV rays. As most of us know every degree we lower down the temperature of our air conditioner we consume 6units of electricity extra in every degree we decrease the temperature. The temperature at 24°C is the most suitable temperature for the room and for the environment.

3. Keep the doors of the room closed:

Before switching on the AC, the doors of the room should be closed properly. Outside warm air should not enter the room as it will not let the room cool down. When we are using the air conditioner in a closed room, it will be more effective, and you can switch off the air conditioner once the room is chilled.

4. MCB On or off to save Electricity:

MCB [Miniature Circuit Breaker], one of the most useful switches which helps to prevents threats from abnormal conditions in the electrical work. When we need to open the air conditioner then only one should switch on the MCB attached to it else, there is a continuous power supply, and the electricity meter works. Once we switch off the air conditioner, one should not forget to switch off the MCB to save the electricity.

5. AC and Fan result in less energy consumption:

When we use air conditioners, the fans of the room should be opened. This will help to regulate the air and hence, the room will get cool easily and in a short duration. The fan in room helps to keep the room cool for a longer time and this will help to save the electricity as once the room gets chilled; the air conditioner can be switched off and the fan will work more effectively.

6. Proper Maintenance saves electricity:

These modern days’ appliances need proper maintenance as they are being used 24*7 to make our work easier. Air conditioners need to be well functioned and well maintained as they help to make our work easier. As we know a well-maintained equipment is more efficient in case of electricity consumption. This will help to save the electricity many folds.

Air conditioners need to be used in an effective way and we need to save the electricity for which we need our air conditioners to be well maintained. If you want to hire the technician for AC repair and Service in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, you can get it on CHS Buddy. CHS Buddy is an online portal which helps to get the service providers from your nearby location and helps to provide you the service at your doorstep and at your scheduled time.